Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bulldog Brunch!

Mami and Papi took me to the SoCal Bulldog Rescue's Bully Brunch today.

But first, I had to endure the torture that is -- a bath. And here's what I think of that.
The theme was Bonnets and Derbies, but since I don't tolerate hats well, Mami fashioned a little scarf action for me.
But other bulldogs rocked some serious headgear.

A beautiful bouquet!

One dapper dude.

Tres chic!

Flower power was out in full force!

Um, I'm not that kind of girl. Well, maybe just this once...

Have you seen my helipad?

Orale, Chato. You are one papi chulo!

Let's just say that I'm not always on my best behavior around other dogs, and today was no exception. So Papi took me home kind of early, but Mami stayed awhile and took some more photos.
You can see them on my new Flickr stream.

Thanks for a great event, SoCal Bulldog Rescue!


  1. Lola, what's with the parents destinkafying us before a party? Maybe that's why you were feeling a little unsocial around your fellow bulldog furiends? Ya know, I get a pit snarky sometimes too so maybe it's a diva thing.


  2. That's a good theory, Betty. But honestly, I'm like that bath or no bath.... Sigh. It's tough being a diva.

  3. Oh my goodness! Those hats are too much! I can't believe any bully kept those on! Kudos to all that did & Lola, you rocked that scarf!

  4. Thanks, Blue Line Bulldogs! Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. They were pretty amazing.

  5. Finally, my update for your blog appeared in my sidebar (sheesh, why does that take so long, silly Blogger). That is some truly impressive headgear. I've been embarrassed by my share of hats, antennae and the like... Way to be strong and not let them get to you!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  6. Thanks, Brutus! Yeah, Blogger can be temperamental, but we all have our moments... :) And you're so cute -- you could rock any headgear.

  7. Oh my....LOVE the fashionistas!!! That's one amazing bunch of bullies! Lookin' so good!