Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cycle Dog Collar: Recycling Cycle Tubes Rocks

Mami bought me a brand new collar from Cycle Dogs. It's my favorite color (purple) and matches my natural beauty marks (a.k.a. spots). She read about Cycle Dogs on (a super cool bulldog blog), where Sherbert rocked it, and I secretly coveted my own. What's uber cool is that Cycle Dog makes collars and leashes out of old bike tubes. And since Papi's a crazy cyclist, he was all on board.

To celebrate the occasion, I took the liberty of breaking it in with a ceremonial dust dance. Mami and Papi failed to see the significance. They'll learn someday.

1 comment:

  1. Lola,
    we're so happy you like your new cycle dog collar. We lay on the tube pile while Laney sews the collars. For the record we always do the dust dance to celebrate a new collar especially after Laney gives us a bath.

    Thanks for supporting Cycle Dog.

    Hanna Mae and Regan Ray
    Cycle Dog Factory Team